Solstice (BD) has always, deservedly, enjoyed a strong reputation for its superior design capabilities which have attracted companies such as GrameenPhone, British American Tobacco,Banglalink, Berger Paints, Nestle. This service is divided into two, distinct areas.
Multi Discipline Design Service
Solstice (BD)’s ability to create premium, retail quality products that are perfectly attuned to current trends means that our clients are able to maximise the appeal of their products and therefore maximise their return on investment as well as their profits.
Solstice (BD) MDDS creates objects, merchandise, clothing, luggage and much, much more.
Yet this service encompasses a great deal more than product design alone. Solstice (BD) subscribes to the more holistic thesis that not only should the products be well designed, functional and meet specified price points, they also need to be fully coordinated when part of a range, have exclusive and distinctive packaging as well as appropriate attendant copy for all packaging, swing tickets, brochures, point of sale material and of course an attractive website to showcase it all.
In short to tell the story of a brand.
Go Creative
Obviously, not everyone needs entire ranges yet would like to enjoy the same degree of professionalism when it comes to creating their sales and marketing collateral for this Solstice (BD) offers its ‘GO CREATIVE’ service which covers the following:
  • Branding concepts: from creation to ongoing management
  • All forms of printed and marketing collateral
  • eDM concepts & design for your distribution
  • Clean product photography
  • Copy writing